About Chadbourn Presbyterian Church

For 118 years Chadbourn Presbyterian Church has been a vibrant presence in the heart of Chadbourn.  Its bells and chimes can be heard throughout each day sounding the hour and chiming the beautiful hymns of the faith.  At 10:50 a.m. every Sunday the bell rings calling the faithful to come and worship.  That call and invitation extends to the whole community to come and receive the warm hospitality and join in worshipping God.  The worship is Christ-centered, well planned, thoughtful, inspirational, traditional and challenging for the Christian’s journey and service.

Christian fellowship is a key component of the vitality and relevancy of the church.  Fellowship meals following the worship service on the third Sunday of each month keep the congregation strong and alive.  It is one way for the church to be family and build the family spirit.  

For 54 years the church has lit its evergreen tree in the church yard each December to shine  beautiful Christmas lights for the neighborhood and to give announcement of the coming of the Christ Child, the Light of the world.  

Join this Sunday or any Sunday!  Listen for the bells and watch for the lights!
Chadbourn Presbyterian Church sounds and shines the message of Jesus Christ!