Our Approach to Worship

The Sunday morning worship service is the foundation of all that happens in the life of Chadbourn Presbyterian Church. The worship is traditional in keeping with the heritage of the church.  It is well planned with a strong priority of prayerfulness that fosters the preparation. The goal of the planning and preparation is for the worship to always be Christ-centered, Spirit led, inspirational, thoughtful, life changing, spiritually moving and challenging for the Christian’s journey and service.    

Every worship service that is offered is liturgical in nature with the order of worship planned for all worshippers to be active participants in the worship, not an audience that witnesses a performance. The order of every Sunday morning worship service includes the following: an invocation prayer, the choir’s processional, a welcome to all worshippers followed by announcements regarding the life of the church, the singing of Christian hymns, the giving and receiving of an offering, a prayer of confession and an assurance of pardon, The Lord’s Prayer, The Doxology, The Gloria Patri, the reading of the sermon text followed by the sermon, the Apostles’ Creed, a spoken Benediction and congregational response and the chiming of the Trinity.  

The Christian calendar is followed in the worship planning beginning with the first Sunday of Advent and offering a foundational basis for the worship planning throughout the year. Additional worship services each year are planned for Christmas Eve (Communion and candlelight), Maundy Thursday (fellowship meal and Communion) and Good Friday (Tenebrae).